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The SLAS Strategic Planning Process

About the SLAS Strategic Plan

Successful organizations require strategic plans are founded in sound, systematic and rational principles, and supported by diligent implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

To achieve results-based accountability by the leadership and management of SLAS, every three years, the SLAS Board of Directors appoints an Ad-hoc Strategic Plan Committee to collaborate with the Board and the SLAS professional team to re-evaluate and refine the Society’s purpose and priorities.

The plan functions as a guide for decision-making and as a framework to measure progress. This plan is a flexible tool that can be recalibrated when necessary in response to new opportunities presented by the changes in member priorities, economic conditions and market trends.  This plan is not intended to limit or restrict ideas or initiatives, but rather focus resources in ways that will best serve the membership and the organization.

Ad-hoc Strategic Plan Committee

Professional Team

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