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What We Do

SLAS connects more than 18,000 professionals from around the globe who leverage technology for scientific advancement. Every day, members from industry, academia and government exchange ideas, insight and answers to help tackle challenges old and new.

In this leading-edge field of scientific technology, you never know what you’ll be asked to do tomorrow. But with our year-round program of networking, forums and education, you have the resources, unique access and peer connections to stay on top of it all.

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SLAS 2014-16 Strategic Plan

Our Purpose
The Society's purpose is to advance laboratory science and technology through education about scientific research, and to serve as a public forum for the exchange of information related to laboratory science and technology.

Our Community
SLAS benefits members around the world in academia, industry, government organizations and private institutes. SLAS members are primarily life sciences research and development (R&D) professionals, technology providers, students and business leaders whose science and technology interests include:

  • Drug discovery
  • Assay development and screening
  • Laboratory automation and high-throughput technologies
  • Micro-nano technologies
  • Molecular diagnostics and biomarkers
  • Scientific informatics
  • Bioanalytical techniques
  • Drug target biology


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The interests of the SLAS community are ever evolving. If you have an interest area for potential development, please contact SLAS Chief Executive Officer Greg Dummer.

Serving Our Community
SLAS identifies, develops and implements regional portfolios of educational activities, information sharing and engagement opportunities to enable members around the world to succeed in their scientific enterprises. We carefully plan, target, and support the Society’s worldwide programs with market research, collaborative partnerships and the organization’s wealth of experienced international leaders.

Specifically, the Society will: 

  • Implement our European Business Plan.
  • Evolve an effective model for engagement in the China/Asia Pacific region.
  • Execute and optimize the bi-coastal annual conference approach in the United States.
  • Respond to the evolving landscape for scientific publishing.
  • Explore alternate models for membership and volunteerism to address changes in membership-based scientific society business models.

Sustaining Our Community
SLAS optimizes a virtual business management strategy that employs a decentralized organizational infrastructure to deliver effective and efficient mission-centric programs and services to its global community. 

Specifically, the Society will:

  • Establish volunteer leadership, professional staff and service structures for planning and implementing programs in the Europe and China/Asia Pacific regions.
  • Modify the Society’s governance structure to facilitate decision-making that ensures our programs meet the needs of local professionals and markets in the Europe and China/Asia Pacific regions.
  • Sustain our strong financial position through proactive fiscal stewardship to allow for strategic investments in new audiences, services and programs.

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