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An SLAS membership makes you an integral part of a global community comprising more than 18,000 dedicated scientists, engineers, researchers, technologists, and business leaders concentrated on research and discovery through laboratory science and technology. SLAS works hard to deliver a 365-day-a-year experience by offering tangible educational programs, new and original research and manuscripts, relevant member benefits and services, and other important and practical resources. Please take a moment to check out all that SLAS offers and how membership in SLAS can help advance your own professional and personal growth.

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If your SLAS membership was NOT renewed in 2014, you will need to join the Society again, please select “Join as New Member”. Your past membership information will be retained in your record. If you don’t know if your membership was renewed in 2014, contact Mary Geismann.

To join or renew SLAS using a PDF application, please click here and submit via email. For more information, contact SLAS Manager of Member Services Mary Geismann at or by calling 877.990.SLAS (7527) or +1.630.256.SLAS (7527), extension 109.

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