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SLAS Educational Fund

Nurturing Scientific Innovation by Assisting the Next Generation of Innovators

SLAS exists in theory to advance laboratory science and technology through education about scientific research, and to serve as a public forum for the exchange of information related to laboratory science and technology. In practice, SLAS programs, products and events empower scientific research teams to gain scientific insights, increase productivity, elevate data quality, reduce lab process cycle times and enable experimentation that otherwise would be impossible.

Education is a key element of the SLAS mission.  To underscore this importance, in 2015 SLAS established the SLAS Educational Fund to facilitate educational opportunities for deserving students who aspire to become professional scientists and researchers that develop and utilize innovative technologies.  The SLAS Educational Fund plays a critical role in the educational process by providing scholarships to qualified institutions and by enabling direct learning opportunities to students from across the globe. 

The SLAS Educational Fund is the funding body for the SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant Program which offers valuable financial support to deserving students who aspire to become the next generation of scientific innovators.  See more details and access the Grant application form here.

Soon, you will be able to have a direct impact on these mission-critical efforts by contributing to the SLAS Education Fund.  All donations will be tax-deductible to the full extent permitted under the law.  Watch this page for updates and forms as they become available.  Contact SLAS CEO Greg Dummer ( for more information.