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SLAS invites open discussion on LinkedIn. Share a link to your latest scientific manuscript, pose a question or share a technique, tool or trend for the good of the group. 


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SLAS LinkedIn Subgroups

  • Academic Drug Discovery SIG
    A forum to enable greater interaction between academia, pharmaceutical research companies, suppliers and other technical companies.
  • Automation Quality Control SIG
    A forum to discuss topics relating to optimizing performances of laboratory instrumentation.
    A forum to discuss principles, topics and ideas for the integration of higher throughput technologies with methods for determining toxicity, pharmacokinetics and metabolism.
  • Compound Combination Screening SIG
    A knowledge-sharing forum for active compound combination screening practitioners who aim for better science that accelerates the pace of drug discovery..
  • Asia
    A forum to build community amidst drug discovery professionals working in Asia and interested in global networking through SLAS.
  • HCS/HCA Data and Informatics SIG
    A forum to share best practices, experiences and expertise in the area of information technology and strategies.
  • Drug Repurposing SIG
    A forum to address specific technical, operational and legal challenges in relation to the needs and benefits of repurposing drugs.
  • Europe
    A forum to enable scientists and scientific technology professionals based in Europe to engage with one another.
  • Informatics
    A forum for software developers to better understand and influence the state of informatics in the laboratory.
  • Label Free Technologies in Drug Discovery
    A forum for scientists and technology providers to discuss the advances and challenges of employing label free technology in cellular and biochemical assays.
  • Labware Leachables SIG
    A forum to explore how labware chemistry may affect assay results.
  • Phenotypic Drug Discovery SIG
    A forum for the community to share, discuss and debate topics related to PDD research.
  • Sample Management SIG
    A forum to discuss sample library management issues in the modern drug discovery high-throughput screening laboratory.
  • Screen Design and Assay Technology SIG
    A forum to share current best practices and experiences in the design of screens for high- and ultra high-throughput screening programs.
  • Stem Cells and 3D Microtissues SIG
    A forum to discuss and disseminate information on new enabling technologies related to the use of stem cells and primary cells in drug discovery.
  • Students and Early Career Professionals
    A forum to encourage young scientists to actively participate and contribute to SLAS.
  • Technology Transfer and CRO/CMO Project Management SIG
    A forum to address and discuss the challenges and key factors for achieving successful technology transfer.
  • Women Professionals in Science and Technology SIG
    A forum to connect and create a diverse network for sharing experiences and tools for development and success.